What do i do when part of me wants to stay and the other leave? ?

Ok this might be long but please I really need some guidence.. my husband left me about a month ago because I had slept with a girl. And after that I kept txtn and talking to her. She left back to Cali and he left me the.very next day. He didn't call, no text, no nothing. No sign of we can still do this together. So I kept talking to her. She is wonderful, she excepts my kids, loves them and she wants to have one of her own. Any how this past friday she decided to come to tx from cali to be with me. She flew down and I picked her up. But I jad told him Wednesday night I was picking her up Friday so he wanted to see me those two days before. He wants so much for me to stay and he just kept telling me everything I've been wanting to hear from him. He loves me, he has a job now and he wants a chance to show me the world. He's willing to forgive me for sleeping with this girl and starting over new. He loves me and he wants to be a better hisband and father. His job takes him places tho. Something I can't stand. He will be gone for weeks at a time. One week gone home on Sunday and the next two weeks gone. I wont know for sure. Anyhow I don't want that. I know I wont be happy here because he's gone. I picked her up Friday. Spent Friday sat and sun with her and it was amazing. Then he called me up and told me all these things and I came back. To him. I told her I was just coming to him so he could see the kids and then I had to tell her I'm not going baxk. She was really heart broken and I feel so bad. For everything. My question is should I stay with this man who has been my husband and lover and bestfriend for going on seven years and cut all my friends off. Especially her, or should I give this girl a shot with me. Find out if she can handle my kids and I. I've known her for two months now and I want to be with her but I know sometimes wat we want blinds us and honestly part of me wants to stay with him but that would mean cutting off all my friends over there and just not facing her or anything I left behind. Or I could just go back and tell her I'm sorry and start a relationship that could be so beautiful. Feel like I'm stuck. I love him he's my best friend and I want him to be happy. I slept with her and wen I came to him slept with him. I dont deserve either of them and she doesn't kno I slept with him. He knows and he still wanted me. I feel so rotten. And I hate myself for this. A lot of my friends say I looked happier wen I met her and want me to go bac to her. My hole family knows about her now anyhow please help. I dont need fam and friends to tell me wat I want to hear. Thanks guys..

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    You are asking if you should keep a marriage with children or a two month relationship that started as an affair....

    Frankly, I doubt either will work. You obviously aren’t committed to your husband. At the same time, a long distance affair is hardly solid.

  • 9 years ago

    You're having the euphoria with this woman because it is something fresh and new, probably how you felt when you first met your husband. Over time, that feeling vanishes and reality sets in. You've been with your husband for 7 years, have kids and built a life together. If you still love your husband stay with him. As for his job, as long as he's providing for you and the kids don't you think you can find a hobby to fill the void? I used to feel the same way, wanting someone in my life 24/7 but now I love having my space. Weigh the pros and cons and be honest with yourself, will you be able to be faithful during your husband's absence? If not it wouldn't be fair to him. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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  • 9 years ago

    It's called decision making .

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    9 years ago

    I think you should leave your husband to be with the other woman. You cheated and you don't seem in the least bit, remorseful.

    I hope your husband realizes you're obviously not the type to stay monogamous.

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