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What do you tip on a fishing charter?

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    It depends on a couple of factors.

    1. how happy I was with the trip. (catching fish is secondary really, things like did the guide know his stuff, did I learn anything, was I "relatively" comfortable, how prepared was the Captain and Crew, how professional were they, etc etc)

    2. Is the Captain/Guide the only member of the crew. If yes, I probably won't tip him because he's getting an entire fare. I usually tip mates. 10-20% is typical.

    3. on Big Party boats, I ALWAYS tip the mates. They usually work for tips. I know I did when I did that work.

  • gofish
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    9 years ago

    Nice answer by sirtanaka. I've been on many charters and several party boats and he pretty much nailed it. On party boats I'd tip 20%, maybe more because they are usually fairly inexpensive. And tip just one mate on the party boats, they pool the $ and divide it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    15-20%, more or less depending on how hard the crew worked. That's not dependant on catching fish. Sometimes you can do everything perfectly and still have a slow day.

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