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Do any of theses websites carry viruses?

I've been really wanting to watch some episode of flashpoint on TV that I have not seen yet, but since flashpoint doesn't come on often, I tried to find some online website to watch free tv shows. Do you know if any of theses websites carry viruses? Because my computer is running a bit slow lately and I don't really know why?

Please let me know and Thank you in advance! :D

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    To start, simply enter the URL of a webpage in the space above and click ‘START THE SCAN’.After the scan is complete, you will be able to view a malware reportThis free service will scan only a single page at a time ----->

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    You can scan URLs for a virus at

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    I use some of those services, and the thing is even yahoo has bots, viruses and mall-ware attacks. It is more about what protections you have on your system.

    You need to be using an active monitor and be sure you are using a Firewall, so only what you want can get access to your Computer.

    Here is a Link to test your system security. This is Gibson Research "Shields-Up" and the test is automated and completely safe. This security test of your computer will let you know if there are any holes that others can use to attack your system. It will also tell you how to close them if their are.

    The best one-stop solution is Kaspersky internet security free trial. I would give them a is Very good software and will protect your system allowing you to use any of those sites.

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    ANY website can infect you, that's why we have anti-virus programs!☺

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    scan with malwarebytes

    open your windows (for more air for computer)

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