i want to score a minimum of 9.5 cgpa in class 10th...?

ok so i score average each time (between 80-90%) that too without putting in a lot of efforts. also, i do not prefer a coaching institute/tutions... i believe in self studies.

i am currently i class 10th. i want to, infact i have to score more than 95% in class 10th(9.5 cgpa)

please help, where should i start from, how many hours of study are needed??

any tips/suggestions will also do..

thanxx in advance :)


my weak most subject is mathematics..

however i m a high scorer in english, social sciences, computer sciences, language

and an above average scorer in science...

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  • 9 years ago
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    first try to understand the concepts of maths and try solving problems until u get it right and solving it in a very short time. as u said that u get good marks in other subjects, try to concentrate on science and maths. Number of hours that u r reading is not important. the number of concepts u r learning in one day is important. Never see the time, keep lessons and exercises as target. For example in maths learn two or theorems one day. as u go on increase the number of pages u read and try to understand. Marks are secondary, knowledge is important. even after 5years u should have the concepts in mind. read like that.

  • John T
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    9 years ago

    Basically, you have to study until you can answer every problem. How much time that will take, we can't know. Only you can.

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