I'm starting to like my best friend?

And it's killing me. Before today, I really didn't think anything of her, and I thought that I could never like her, ever... But today I started to realize just how beautiful and gorgeous and smart and outright amazing she is... <3 She likes good music, she plays bass and piano, and she's wow. :) But I know it's not right, and that I shouldn't be getting these feelings for her. Thing is, I met her back in like '09, and I only see her like a week out of the year at camp. So I know it wouldn't work out and that kills me, too. But my God, she is amazing :) ... So what can I do? Knowing myself, these feelings MIGHT go away in a day or two, but what if they don't? I don't wanna be miserable thinking of what could be if she lived closer or if she liked me too because I know she doesn't... Please help, haha.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Confess your feelings to her. If she is not intrested give her time and remember to make her fall 4 you is by striking a smile every time you look at her and tell her how beautiful she is

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