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would you marry someone if you knew it would end up in divorce?

I'm wondering if I should even marry because over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. I'm in high school but planning on hiring a surrogate mother and pay an egg donor to havecmy kids instead of marriage would that be better

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    50% of marriages end in divorce because many people don't give marriage the consideration it's due. They make a decision in six months that this is what they want their life to be and they don't consider the changes life brings and how those changes will affect their marriage. They marry while in lust and don't know what love is.

    My husband and I were in our late 20's and knew each other 3 years. We'd seen each other at our worst (he was an alcoholic, I battled depression) and we'd made it through sticking by each other's sides. Our marriage has a better chance of making it than most because we know what we're made of and are stronger together.

    When you jump into marriage for the wrong reasons, it will always end in divorce. When you enter in to marriage for the right reasons, the chance of divorce diminishes to nearly nothing.

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    i don't think in that that is better ideal to have loved than none in any respect crap. Why can not there be a 4everrrrr anymore? anytime you turn round, somebody else you comprehend is getting divorced. Why can not couples ever artwork some thing out and why is there somebody else always around the nook that is better ideal. What handed off to the vows?? i'm out in this one. Been married 10 years.

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    If you get married for the sake of getting married, then no wonder you worry about it ending in divorce. When you meet the right person it won't be a question for you anymore. That's how you will know it is the right decision.

  • This is like saying "Why drive a car when you could get in an accident?"

    Not many people go into marriage assuming it won't last.

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    i did and it did not

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