What to pack for a weekend get away with the boyfiiend, when he wont tell you what your doing?

the boy friend and i are having a weekend get away! so excited he will not tell me what we are doing! all i know is we are going to our cabin in the woods....suggestions what to bring?? ps first time in a month we get to see each other because i moved for a job!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Cabin in the woods? I can guess one thing you'll be doing.

    But besides that, bring bug repellent, sunscreen, long pants (preferably the kind that come to your ankles, not just the mid-calf kind that are in style, now), shoes you can hike in, and a water bottle. Consider a camera, although your phone might do. Also bring very short shorts or other light and sexy wear, in case it isn't the deep woods. You could always wear those inside the cabin.

    I'd suggest NOT bringing a book to read, or individual games. He's not taking you to the cabin to watch you play angry birds or do a sudoku.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    codoms perfume blanket hairties tennishoess gum push up bra and wat everelse u may need

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