When do delegates actually get counted?

Do they REAL numbers not show up until late august? And has Mitt Romney actually clinched the number, or are they lying saying he got oct of the delegates in texas because he's one the primary, which has nothing to do with the delegate count. Ron Paul has won majority of delegates in states with worse primary numbers if Im not mistaken


Sorry for the spelling mistakes. THE real numbers *

got the MOST*

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    9 years ago
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    Mitt Romney has won the nomination. The only places saying otherwise are lying. In Ron Paul's home state he won 18 delegates to Mitt Romney's 105 delegates. Learn to live with reality.

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    4 years ago

    sure they count extensive form interior the form of delegates between the Democrat applicants will could get with a view to be the events nominee. that is why Republicans in basic terms need some million/2 as many to be the social gathering's candidate. they have no great delegates. the only ones that count are from the balloting technique. you understand i'm a reasonably of a Republican and that i think of the Democrats are turning out to be to be hosed in this great delegates project. I mean the persons could vote and then their candidate could run. they say they did this finished great delegate project in case the persons have been electing a candidate that would no longer win. Now call me loopy yet that seems unfair to the persons who vote. Why could fools like Kennedy, Dean and so on be allowed to vote two times? that's in fact what they're doing. i think of that is incorrect and is hurting a Democratic social gathering.

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    At the Convention.

  • Declaring the number of delegates for one candidate or another is as accurate as picking tomorrow's lottery number.

    News organizations can predict all they want and gullible viewers can interpret their guesses as gospel, sine almost no one bothers to understand how the process works. There are many factors in play, but the manufactured "Romney Excitement" must be kept alive at any cost, since only Obama or Romney can win the election.

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