Guys really need ur opinion about this girl?

So i met this beautiful amazing girl 3 weeks ago, great gf she helps with mu anxiety and is so caring.. Def not the type u would take for being "syco" completly normal and then comes the problem..... Her fantasies are really weird i should say shes obsessed with twilight an vampires but anyways she was saying how she loves blood an wants to lick it off of me..ok fine im a bit of a freak maybe i can do that.... Maybe but then tonight she said she wants to put my blood in a sachel and wear it around her neck? My reply was wtf?? Thats weird and she got like embarssed an said oh im jkong.. But guys inswear she wasnt, good god should i run? Shes so normal though besides that my family likes her, hell shes a model and looks like an every day clasy office woman, shes 23 seriously should i shrug it off and run? Another problem is shes so obseessed with edward from twilight shell go on a 10 min rant about how she hates kristen stewart (edwards gf) thats weird in its self she even replaced my photo on her phone at one point with his pic.,. Wtf do i do!!! Lol

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  • 9 years ago
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    Look, it sounds like this twilight stuff is the only problem with her. She sounds like an angel in every other area. You aren't going to find a perfect girl, they just don't exist, there is always some string attached. You are lucky it is a Twilight obsession, and not anger problems, physical disablity, bossy-ness ect. This Twilight obsession is going to end eventually, remember when everyone was head over heels for Harry Potter, Star Wars, even Elvis? Those things passed by and are long gone, and Twilight and Justin Bieber (Sorry, I just had to) is soon going to be the same way. Lots of girls go on rants, at least you know she is genuine.

    If you are getting sick about this twilight stuff, the next time she mentions it give her a innocent response like "lol Lay off the twilight for a little while, you are getting me obsessed too!" Make sure it doesn't sound mean or offensive, but that little comment alone will make her more aware of your annoyance toward her obsession. Also, try reading a bit of seriously. You can relate to a lot of what she is talking about after you have read the book, and maybe it won't seem so annoying after all. Hope this helped, do not dump her over this! You may never find a girl as beautiful as her and as sweet as her every again!

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