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Anyone who gives good advice?

So there is this girl i like and she asked me for a mac and i said yes not even thinking, but she asks me like everyday when i can meet her to give it to her. I didnt get her one not because i want to be a jerk , but because i just cant afford it because i want to get myself one first. I like her a lot and i dont want her to be mad at me everyone of my friends says that shes using me , but i dont know who to believe she says im not but so wouldnt anyone. My other friend asked me for a ipad and a mac and monster beats i told him her i would because i just want to make everyone happy i dont know what to do. I like this girl a lot and i want to make her happy i just dont want her to hate me because i had the best intentions what should i do?

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    Dude, if you don't want to take back your commitment, buy a box of easy mac (mac n cheese) and give it to her. "Here's your mac, with extra cheese"

    Oh, and she's totally using you...asking for a piece of gum...fine...a pen..yeah, why not...but a mac when you can't afford one..I don't think so.

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    Do not give it to them because if you notice or unerstand that once you do something for somebody they will just come back for more and if you really really like the girl you would just tell her that you cant afford one for her and that you only have enough money to buy yourself one and if you tell your friend that you cant buy him one either he should understand, if he does not be your friend anymore gets mad at you just because you did not buy him a ipad or what ever it is he asked for then he's not a very good friend. and if that girl is not trying to use you tell her this here^^ if your not trying to use me show me your not instead of telling me. and if that dont work buy her some candy or something letting her know that you want to give her something but just itdont have to be so expensive.i say its your money do what you want with it also remeber to always follow your heart and what you think is right.

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    Sorry but she's just using you, tell her you can't afford to get her a Mac

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    well first you should tell her you want to make her happy then tell her that you cant afford to get her a mac... and if shes not using you then she'll just shrugg it off and not think twice about even considering being mad at you. If she gets mad then shes just a b*tch that was using you

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    I'm a girl, and I think that you should just tell her the truth. I think that if all she does is ask you for stuff, she might not be the best match for you. Good luck! :)

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