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Highlight help...can I fix this?

Last night I used "loreal couleur experete" in 6.1 for my dark brown hair. I ran out of bleach, which is ridiculous because my hair is short (like a Bob hairstyle) and the highlights came out very uneven and a little brassy. It barely made a difference in 90% of my hair, and a few pieces are a nice shade of blonde but that's it.

I want to run to the store and fix my uneven mess but I do like the highlights. My hair still feels extremely healthy and I want to use revlon frost and glow today to even it out. Would that be safe?

Or, I was thinking of using natural instincts to get my hair back to the original (one of my favorites) then waiting a week or two to re do my highlights.

Do not suggest a professional, I can't afford that and it's out of the question.

Thank you!

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    9 years ago
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    I don't think either would be a problem - if you want to have highlights in the long run then using a hair colour might make it difficult to do them again. I should say fix the highlights but wait as long as possible to go over them, but if it was me I'd just do them on the same day and it doesn't sound like your hair's too damaged for that.

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    9 years ago

    Wait at least a month before doing it again.

    Yeah, it feels healthy, but anytime you dye your hair, your doing damage to it.

    Run out to your local sally beauty supply, get a protein treatment and do that for a month. Then go back and ask for a good quality highlighting kit. (trust me, proffessional is alot higher quality than box, and it only costs a teeny bit more)

    Don't dye it back again! Its just uneccessary damage! And itll make it harder for the bleach to lift and ive you highlights!

    Hope this helped!!! :D

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