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Answer in one word.Who created universe.God or Jesus?


So far out of 18 No one exclusively answered Jesus.

This shows that people donot believe in Jesus being creator.

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    allah alwahid alahad

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    Source(s): Jesus is God is Jesus.
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    Jesus (Christ.).

    'He is the image of the Unseen God and the Firstborn over all creation. By Him was everything created whether in heaven or in earth; everything that seen and is unseen, whether Thrones or Rulers or Principalities or Dominions, everything has been created by Him, and for Him. And He is the One who is before all and all things exist by Him. He is the Head of the body, which is the Church, for He is the Head, and the Firstborn from among the dead, that He would be pre-eminent in everything. For in Him, all the fullness of God is pleased to dwell...and to reconcile all things to Himself. and by Him peace was made through His Blood shed on the Cross, through the Crucifixion.'

    Source(s): Aramaic Bible in Plain English...Colossians 1:15-19
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    Jehovah did, through his Son Jesus Christ.

    Source(s): Colossians 1:16
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    The forces of nature!!!!!

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    The Big Bang

    Source(s): Atheist
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  • Aliens

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