Is he no good for my best friend?

My friend and her man were together for almost a year, their relationship was long distance but they made it work and they both seemed happy. He randomly broke up with her like 3 months ago but they still act like they are together just without the title. I thought it was a little shady of him at first but who am I to say anything about her relationship. My best friend has been in the hospital for 3 days now they can't figure out what is wrong with her and it honestly doesn't look good. He texts me all the time since I am staying at the hospital with her to check on her and make sure she is ok and the first night she was in here he even called and slept on the phone with her to make her feel safe. However yesterday he barely texted me but he was tweeting all day about pointless stuff and I'm pretty sure he was out shopping too which isn't a crime but I thought it was weird since "the love of his life" was fighting for her life yesterday. And then last night I told him that he could call her whenever and that I'm sure she wanted to talk to him (his voice makes her keep fighting). He said he would but he only sent her 2 texts asking her how she was feeling and then he told her he missed her knowing damn well she doesn't have the strength to text back. She called him around midnight but no answer. Idk I really like him but sometimes I feel like he puts pointless stuff before her. He is 22 and she is 20 he is young so I know he is still worried about all the partying and hanging out with his friends I just wish he would understand how much she really needs him right now. Am I making something out of nothing?

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  • 9 years ago
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    why don't you just bang your best friend and get it over with. obviously that's the only thing you care about.

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