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SAT scores question? Is my score good or bad?

I took SAT on May 5 and I just got my score back. That was my first time taking the sat, by the way I'm a junior. I got 1110 is that good? And should I take It again or no. I know this is a pretty stupid question but your suppose to add up each section to get overall grade right ? Lol

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    Yes, you're supposed to add up each section to get an overall grade. Unfortunately, each section is out of 800, and thus the entire SAT is out of 2400.

    Regretably, you did quite.. below average. 1100/2400 is slightly below half of the possible score (below 50%). The average SAT score (for the United States) is around a 1500. You should most certainly retake the SAT, as an 1100 is nothing that can assist you. I recommend PREPARING this time around. It really helps to practice rather than study.

    I recommend glancing, even learning, the very-much-so helpful material on the following website..

    It helped me go from a 1620 (unprepared, first time) to a ~2000 (slightly more prepared (but not mind-numbingly so) the second time.

    Good luck,


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    what's a stable SAT score? The examination includes 3 aspects: severe examining, arithmetic and Writing. The scores from each section can variety from 200 to 800, so the suited conceivable finished score is 2400. the typical score for each section is sort of 500, so the typical finished score is approximately 1500.

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    A 1110 / 2400 is a very weak score; each section on the SAT ranges from 200-800 points, so the lowest score you can get is a 600, while the highest is a 2400. Both the average score and the median score are 1500 (class of 2011), and with a score that low, you're essentially destined for community college for at least two years. The fact that it's your first time is semi-understandable, but the fact that you now have only three condensed fall dates to take the SAT where you're going to have problems studying efficiently between each test date is worrisome to say the least.

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    First time I took SATs I got 2330... Didn't even prepare.

    1100/2400 is a terrible score considering 200 points are awarded for signing your name so your actual amount of points is 500.... Go study.

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    Below average

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    If it was on the old scale that wouldn't be bad but you should definitely retake it. Also take the ACT. When I was in high school I took both the SAT and the ACT. The ACT is structured more like subjects studied in school and more people score better on those. Maybe you could take both. Just an option you may want to look into.

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