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What do i need to know before i take my driving test?

I will be turning 16 in sept. And i need to know the Q's they ask. So i can pass and i think the driving book is to hard

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    There are no short cuts. If you think the book is too hard, you might as well not try since that is the only way to prepare.

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    They ask questions about street signs and the speed limits in construction zones. Also, questions about 4-way stops and right-of-ways are asked. If I recall, from my test a hundred years ago (haha), there is something on there about how much distance should be between each car on the road. And don't neglect studying up on parallel parking!

    Just read through the book and make sure you understand everything. You'll do fine. Don't be nervous.

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    9 years ago

    First watch the show 'world's dumbest drivers'

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