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What is the effect if you insert a bar magnet through a toroid ?

I know that if you insert a bar magnet through a solenoid you get an induced emf. But will be the same if the bar magnet is moving inside a toroid?

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  • DaveWH
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    9 years ago
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    Well, if you look at a toroid, the coils form vertical loops. When you pass the magnet through the center of the it, the flux lines move parallel to the plane of the loops. So, no current will be induced.

    When the plane of the loops is at right angles to the lines of flux, a current is induced. This is the case when the manget is moved through the horizontal loops of a solenoid.

  • elvera
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    5 years ago

    My bet: i cant assume whatever in regards to the magnetic discipline however the flux is also: N*B x discipline = flux the flux on the begining is N*B x field and after: -N*B x field the complete alternate is then 2*N*B x area this transformation in the whole flux is via definition equal to the highest voltage throughout the loop...Ie the emf(negative)

  • Jim
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    9 years ago

    I believe that the shape of a toroid would cause it to be called a solenoid.

    And so you already know what the effect would be. :>)

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