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Does he like me? Confused?

There's this guy who's in my class. Occassionally he stares at me in class when I walk from one corner to another corner. He asks me where I live. Today, when I was with my classmates in the canteen having a meal, he was sitting with his friends at a table nearby. He shouted and asked me randomly about our homework and stuff. I mean like. He could have asked the guys at his table or any other girl at my table...

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  • 9 years ago

    The guy is into you girl. He likes-you but he just does not have an approach yet. So be careful, u are still too young for boys. Finish your school first and get a job then you can start worring about boys after that.

  • 9 years ago

    He could be...I used to do the same when i seemed to like a girl. he must be shy so something he brought up to talk about or he sees you as good person to ask about academics anything is possible so best of luck talk to him more and you 'll get to know instead of waiting for him to talk to you. Be ready to see him act indifferently so you'll know what to do. good luck :-)

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