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When does alcohol use cross the line to abuse?

Several famous people have notoriety associated to them by alcohol consumption. Churchill comes to mind ... it's said he drank a bottle of cognac a day.

So what's the deal? If you have made noteworthy contributions to society your alcohol consumption is part of the personality but if you're unknown the same amount of alcohol means your alcoholic?


patti- I think you're missing the point. If somebody functions well enough w/ whatever amount of alcohol they consume they're not going to rehab ... especially if they are being lionized by their contributions. Who would distract their success by addressing a problem they don't think they have?

Update 2:

Folks- Some successful people could consider their alcohol consumption as a contribution to their success. Maybe they think it adjusts their personality to a level that puts them over the top. Who are "WE" to tell "THEM" their formula for success is incorrect?

Update 3:

folklore- Oh, ok, so that means as long as the quality of life doesn't diminish the amount of alcohol consumption is irrelevant?

Update 4:

So, then that would hold true other drugs that are illegal?

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    Some say if it mess's up your social life,your family,or your job you need help.

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    unlawful drugs is abuse. Its no longer entertainment to take chemical ingredients that would kill a individual and eliminate unfastened will and get people to do issues that are no longer sane or criminal. Alcohol is going into abuse whilst its no longer a drink right here or there. Its binge ingesting. If one can not end ingesting, say for a minimum of a week. playing is whilst it ceases to be an entertainment and could become a call for. Its the place one can not stroll away. If one can not end, its an dependancy. nutrients is a no longer consumer-friendly one. If it ceases being rational. Binge ingesting. lack of ability to end overindulging. Taking medicine to attempt against the tummy soreness brought about via overeating. intercourse is the place complication-unfastened sense and private wellness/secure practices end mattering. Its no longer consumer-friendly to declare with this one by way of fact its in many situations a private opinion. If intercourse starts being some thing one has to have for motives different then entertainment, then one has a topic.

  • Tigger
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    9 years ago

    When it causes misery to others...

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    I quit drinking because IT was abusing my mind, body and soul. Not a heavy drinker but tolerance grows and it adds up over the years. Many elderly people die from heart attacks..liver disease...mental illnesses, etc. I say they died of alcoholism. I saw it just last month when a women I know died of "heart failure" after drinking a quart of Jack Daniels a day.

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    It crosses the line to abuse when you need it to function 'normally'. It's not whether or not you can function or contribute while's how you perform when that 'motivator' is taken away that denotes alcoholism and abuse. I've known many functional alcoholics in my mother being one of them...but take the alcohol away and see what me, it's not pretty.

  • Pat
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    When it takes precedence over normal day to day living.

    My mother was a very high functioning alcoholic.

    Until the last few years, even her best friends did not realize how much she drank.

    I knew because I lived with her.

    My dad did not know.

    When I was 14, I took a sip of her ''coffee'' at 8:00 A.M.; it was rye and water.

    She had a huge garden, ran the family farm (business wise), was president of many organizations and worked tirelessly for many charities.

    Two years before she died, she recieved ''Citizen of the Year" award.

    She died at age 56.

  • Anonymous
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    As soon as they cannot function without it.

  • Tracer
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    9 years ago

    After 4 DUI As far as Churchill, How many Babe Ruths are there

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    It's a term that does not easily fit into a simple definition.

    A physician may tell you that anything more than one drink per day could have a negative effect on your health and that would be abuse.

    Your spouse could tell you that you wanting a drink as soon as you come home and that is setting a bad example for the children is abuse.

    Your boss could tell you that your one martini drink for lunch is abuse.

    If you equate abuse with addition then when you need more to achieve the same effect you used to get with little, and when withholding the alcohol creates cravings and withdrawal symptoms, then that is the definition of abuse.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    "When it affects your quality of life, and you continue to use it". I used quotes as this is what a two decade plus sober friend told me.

  • -
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    9 years ago

    no, Blu, making a noteworthy contribution to society doesn't given an alcoholic a reprieve. Those who are well-known to society keep it secret when they go to rehab, there is someone locally who is very well-known for her contributions (married to a former long-term national politician) and makes frequent trips to a rehab out of state, so often her and her husband purchased a home in that state to be near the rehab, calling it a vacation home. Seems like vodka is her best friend these days.

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