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Feelings of dissociation on and off?

I'm known to have anxiety and being obsessive, I just want to know what you think of the following, does it relate to any kind of mental illness, I went to the doctor before, I didn't fully explain my symptoms but heres how I feel when I'm depressed -

.Nothing seems real, like I'm the only person on the earth

.Feel like everyones talking about me and laughing

.Having obsessive thoughts about for example - if I don't do something a number of times (someone in my family will die) which upsets me because sometimes I'm convinced it may happen

.Overall low energy, wanting to sleep all the time

.When waking up in the morning I feel really low and like It's a mission to get out of bed

.Unable to think clearly about my past/childhood, past events

.Convincing myself that my tutors at university were able to read my thoughts almost like they were some sort of superior intelligence or something lol

I had been planning on seing a psychiatrist but this doctor said she wasn't a trained psychiatrist she had been studying a course or something, but when I went I gave her a list and she said they were normal for someone to experience, though I didn't go in debth because at the time I felt emotionally numb. I'm worried I might experience it again because I feel nobody understands or cares, does anyone know what this could be?


It's something I've never experienced before I'm 18, when I was 16 I was really depressed, I don't do drugs or anything, I drink coffee but who doesnt?

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    I think it's a wise choice to see a psychiatrist. You might even want to start with a psychologist, a lot of times they can help you work through the stuff rather than just prescribing something. I've experienced a lot of these same things, and seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist has helped a lot. Ultimately it doesn't really matter what the diagnosis is, they treat you based on symptoms rather than diagnosis. I know what you mean by feeling emotionally numb, that happens to me too and you just have to gut through it. You're probably not numb, you're suppressing your emotions. But do go see someone, it's encouraging and helpful. I'm proud of you for being willing to do so. I'll pray for you :)

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    I know what you mean by, nobody understands, because people can not see inside you and understand how you TRULY feel. I think maybe you should go online and try to find a therapist in your area. It may help you. Also wake up trying to stay positive and in the right frame of mind. For one, I don't think your tutors can read your mind haha, and also we don't control the future, we don't know what is going to happen, so stop worrying about your family dying. It's highly unlikely to happen. And also, just pray, pray, and pray to God to help you overcome whatever has taken over your life.

    Remember these are just feelings and emotions, they can be temporary if we change our outlook on things. I am dealing kind of what you are dealing with, I feel down and I constantly worry and worry about things that are so unlikely to happen.

    Good Luck.

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