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Do you accept that all our sufferings is because of a woman?

Yeah its a woman, its Eve. She didn't listen to God and made Adam who loved her too much, to pick the evil fruit.


And this made all of us sinners.

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    It was Adam's fault as much as Eve's. - Adam took the fruit from Eve, even as he knew that it was against God.

    And anyway, we are genetically programmed to see short-lived pleasures as favorable regardless of their consequences, so we sin by nature. Adam and Eve were just the first people to succumb to it - it was inevitable.

    Therefore, all our sufferings are because of the sinful actions of each one of us who has ever lived or still lives.

    [side note: I don't think the fruit in itself was necessarily 'evil' - The action of taking the fruit was evil as it was directly disobeying God's instructions]

    EDIT: I don't believe it was because of Adam and Eve that we became sinners - our human nature was already there. What did happen was that the Human race was banished from Eden, as a result of BOTH Adam and Eve succumbing to their own sinful nature. If they had resisted the temptation, it would have still happened to their offspring, leading to the same conclusion.

    Source(s): I'm a Christian, but I think this still applies if you believe in Judaism or Islam.
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    i'm so uninterested in this dogmatic view and Adam and Eve. whilst are human beings going to awaken to the realisation that if we settle for this tale on face fee, it leaves us with Biblical contradictions. What a susceptible pathetic e book that makes the Bible, whilst extremely the choice is real.

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    a male chauvinist wrote that

    and he was probably a conservative too

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    According to Islam, both Adam and Eve were responsible for eating.

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    Ah...good ol' Misogyny.

    That's just stupid.

    The answer is a big NO. here's why ;

    First ; Adam and eve is just a legend, a fairy tail. And you think it's a proper justification to hate the entire HALF of our species?

    Second ; Not all of our sufferings came from women, Most of them (At least from what I've seen) came from our misdoings to mother nature. Sure, women can break our heart, and make us do stupid stuff, but so does men. Men can do the same thing to women.

    Third ; Let's face it, we need them. They're the one who make us here in the first place. And they need us to breed, vice versa. Hating them is like hating our own mother.

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    I claim descent from Lilith, thank you.

    Source(s): Stupid sexist is stupid.
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    Sad as it is, I'm sure there are some christian women that believe this. I don't know why, however, as it seems belittling. Many of the 'church fathers' believed this as well, so strongly in fact that it makes me think that the scholars and researchers might be right in that the Christian patriarchal bias toward worshiping the 'father figure' hints at the play of Freud's Oedipus Complex, where the mother in this sense equates to 'the whore of Babylon' and the father figure is solely relied upon and adhered to.

  • yes, i understand...religion is a great cover for sexism.

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    What sufferings? I'm quite content, thanks.

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    god created eve, right? it's his fault for being such a dumbass

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