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what do you think about meeting people you found on facebook?


There is a guy who liked me on facebook and we talked and then he asked me to talk on the phone and then to meet him somewhere so maybe we can marry and live together. I do not know him. All I know is that he works as a nurse in the emergency room. Do you think I shold give him a chance?

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    first of all where are you meeting him? if it's at his house, your house, his moms house or an abandoned warehouse than that should be an obvious no. i know a girl who was almost raped by her boyfriend while his grandma was in the next room and no, his grandma did not even leave her room to see what was going on. make it somewhere public and absolutely do NOT give him your address until you've had at least several dates (more than two). you have to remember, even the most honest person will put up their best looking photo on facebook so just realize he probably wont look a lot like his picture. then there's this he asked you to marry him and considering you met on facebook that's moving really fast. are you ready to meet a guy who is willing to marry someone he's never met in person? if you want to give him a chance, in a safe public area and nothing anyone will say will stop you then go ahead. i would always say no but thats just me. just expect someone whose probably really different from what you expect. he may not be a nurse, he may not be the age you expect, he may not look like the guy he says he is, he may not even have the same personality, and he's ready to marry you expecting the same thing, the thing about the internet is no matter how honest and how hard he tries youll never really get to know everything about his character until you've met him and hung out a lot. the important thing is this guy seems serious he wants to get married right away so unless you two have talked constantly he obviously isnt the kind of guy who cares about your character. and you say you dont know him? how much do you know about each other? if he just saw your picture on facebook and asked you to marry him he either saw a desperate face or said to himself this girl looks desperate i bet she'll marry a complete stranger. it all depends on 1) what you guys have talked about and 2) where you're meeting. just remember this guy is asking to marry you he's probably serious probably desperate and probably doesn't care about really getting to know you first. just remember you're basically throwing yourself into the arms of a stranger you don' t know who is either a lonely nurse or a serial killer. and are you ready to marry someone you don't know? give him a chance if you want but remember, there are so so so many better guys out there for you. and certainly at least ones who are willing to get you know you before asking you to marry him. so i would say no. but whether or not you'll respond to advice you don't want to hear is up to you. its obvious from asking you have some faith in this guy. some people just have to learn through experiences, even if they're bad. and again i don't know too much about what you guys talked about so i can't asses the situation very well. but just remember he said he wants to marry you, he's either got a wack sense of humor or he's really really desperate enough to marry you without getting to know you in person. at least that's the impression i get. so in short there's four possible outcomes 1) he's a creepy guy who preys on gullible woman and is possibly a serial killer 2) he has no care for you as a person whatsoever and 3) he's already married but is bored with his wife and tries to trick girls online into having an affair with him or 4)you got lucky enough to score a nice caring guy whose just a lonely nurse. id say ask him to take it slowly. my answer? a big fat NO. but if you feel you must and some people do go ahead. you may be one of the lucky ones. keep in mind though he already is willing to marry you. he doesnt care if you turn out to be different than he thinks of you. all im saying is you're throwing away a lot of potential happiness settling for some guy like that. 1) you can do better than that and 2) he asked someone online to marry him that should be a BIG warning sign. by the way if this sounds harsh just keep in mind if you were my sister or my daughter id never let you on facebook again and id probably report that guy as a creeper. but if you insist on what i feel is one of the LARGEST mistakes a girl can make go ahead. you're a stranger and you seem to like him so if you're willing to put you're life in harms way i guess its up to your friends and family to stop you. p.s. you at least talked on the phone which is somewhat of a start, he cant be too old. just remember though there are so many young beautiful girls with low self esteem and they are the easy target of so many internet creepers. i think you know most peoples answers are going to be no but realize ITS NOT BECAUSE were envious and want to keep you from your happiness its because we dont want to be the last person to talk online to the girl they find in the dumpster a week from now. trust me if i thought this guy had potential i would have said so. some people get lucky and meet their dream guy most just meet a creep, are you willing to risk it?

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    I say, do what you consider is correct for you. If you happen to feel it's ok to fulfill this lady, then go forward. If no, then do not. If you want to meet her with the aid of yourself, go ahead. Meet with a group of associates, that is fine too. Should you occurred to satisfy any individual on an internet, i received one advice for you. You'll on no account comprehend who that individual is except you meet them. That manner you'd recognize whether or not to guide clear far from her or not. So yea your 20 and your free then go for it. Simply make sure she's legal yea? Now not announcing that you'd be "engaged" in whatever [inappropriate things].. But it surely's just weird, that is all i'm saying. I hoped it helped.

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    It's a VERY stupid idea. The Internet is full of predators. Don't agree to meet ANYBODY off the Internet without another person (an adult if you are a minor) with you.

    To answer your second question, absolutely not. That "nurse" could be a 50-year-old pervert. You'll never know. Just "unfriend" (is that the right word?) him.

    Would YOU marry a total stranger?

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    Oh yeah, sure. Go meet a guy you met on facebook that asked you to marry him. I'll see you in the news.

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    Never ever ever meet anybody off the internet if you don't know them. Do you not watch the news?! Things happen to people all of the time when they go meet up with strangers online. Its very dangerous.

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    Go with your instincts. My GF met a lot of guys off of facebook and tagged and other sites. I have even drove 16 hours to meet a girl of off myspace once. got to go with your gut here.

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    yeah cause the internet has no creeps or murders on it at all

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