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Is there a medical/psychological term of some kind to describe someone like this?

Someone who is...

-Loud and bossy

-Always has to be right, even when they are wrong

-Tries too hard to show off to the people around them

-Believes something is always someone elses fault rather than their own

-Shuts down when you call them out on their faults and flaws

-Never admits to anything negative about themselves

-Unwavering in their ignorant beliefs, even when presented facts, logic, and statistics to prove them wrong

I figured the terms used to describe such a person would be 'egotistical', 'stubborn', and perhaps 'narcissistic' but I figured there might be a psychological or medical term to describe someone like this? This clearly isn't a healthy mindset.

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    It's basically poor impulse control, it could be through a disorder, but it could also be poor upbringing that causes it.

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