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Is there a medical/psychological term of some kind to describe someone like this?

Someone who is...

-Loud and bossy

-Always has to be right, even when they are wrong

-Tries too hard to show off to the people around them

-Believes something is always someone elses fault rather than their own

-Shuts down when you call them out on their faults and flaws

-Never admits to anything negative about themselves

-Unwavering in their ignorant beliefs, even when presented facts, logic, and statistics to prove them wrong

I figured the terms used to describe such a person would be 'egotistical', 'stubborn', and perhaps 'narcissistic' but I figured there might be a psychological or medical term to describe someone like this? This clearly isn't a healthy mindset.



It's actually my mother who I am referring too, unfortunately. :(

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    Narcissistic sociopath - These people are never wrong they obnoxious and cold! They run smear campaigns on good people because they are jealous of good people! The smear campaign is to turn the good persons family and friends against them. This kind of person is what you call a narcissistic sociopath!

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    The time period I feel you might be considering of is "Prosperity teaching" or "Prosperity Gospel". Folks have tried making use of both the prayer of Jabez (I Chronicles 4:10), and the example of the bleeding girl (Mark 5:25) to furnish proof that you just have got to take it upon your self (in contemporary day television evangelism with the aid of sending for your donation) so as to get God to reply your prayers. That is in no way truthful. It assumes that we are able to someway twist God's arm into giving us what we want. What the bible does say though, is that as we draw in the direction of God we will be able to naturally come to be extra in tune together with his wants. (feel of it as when you spent quite a lot of time with a relatively good buddy; after a at the same time you might come to be extra like them.) The bible is clear then that if our desires are in line with God's will, he's going to provide us what we ask. I'm hoping this helps! Blessings!

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    1) A Democrat (if YOU are a Republican)

    2) A Republican (if YOU are a Democrat)


    (joke, joke, this is a joke, people)

    Source(s): Watching the news media in an election year.
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    Well, ..., Self-centered and self-absorbed come to mind. Egotistical and Narcissistic are the psychological terms you're looking for. This must be some one in upper management, right? That personality type seems to define executive management these days.

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    There is such a disorder but im not quite sure what it is called.

    now that i think about.Narcissism sounds accurate.

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    Borderline personality disorder

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    Asshole. Douche. Annoying little **** is common.

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