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How to dress for vans store interview?

I have an interview later today and I'm not sure how to dress. For some reason I feel like wearing dress pants and a blouse would be a mistake? Can you please give me some ideas on outfits and help me! Thank you :) its a retail part-time job

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    My sister did two weeks ago so wear

    A nice t shirt skinny jeans or just jeans then Vans of course!:) good luck

    Source(s): My sister wore this and was hired
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    you should wear skinny jeans and maybe sandals or vans haha if you have any.. don't look like you're trying to hard to dress in vans clothing. but wear something nice but not to dressy because its not a very dressy store. if you see what they all wear it's usually just basic stuff. just wear nice jeans, sandals and a nice shirt. goodluck :)

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    interveiws are still important, wear nice clothes not just everyday clothes, they may do that while working but they look for people who theyll know will be right. not some slacker comin in with normal everyday clothes

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    Try a button down shirt and some dress pants. That would fit the setting.

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  • 4 years ago

    gown up slightly, yet unlike your you're utilising to a extreme business enterprise with a in shape and tie or something. in my view, i would not actually positioned on a trucks shirt. possibly trucks shoes. however the -shirt- could seem weird and wonderful to them ..idk the thank you to describe it. xD in case you do no longer usually positioned on trucks, in simple terms positioned on the conventional shoes you place on and attempt wearing something else by trucks. there enormously massive so as that they probable have belts/upload-ons, too.

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