How do I flirt with this guy?

Okay so Ive been talking to this guy, he's really nice and funny and we have some stuff in common, we usually do have something to text about (we can't see each other a lot cause he just moved) I really like him, but I totally suck at flirting. And he keeps saying I never flirt with him so like he gets the impression I don't like him. So last night we were talking and he said Sooo and so I said so and then he was like" flirt with me __ :) jezz " and I feel like it just made everything so awkward I didnt say anything back..ive only been with one other person and he always "took control" as in like made a move without questioning you know? I just really need advice. Im 16 he's 18....helppp

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    I sometimes think that where flirting is concerned, you either have it or you dont. If you are not quick witted and confident, it all sounds wooden and forced.

    Thats not a problem though, its just not your style which is cool. Just talk about it?

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