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Can i take 2 pills of Biotin/10,000 mcg-maximum strength per day...?

im taking 1 pill a day now but i want my hair to grow longer, faster! so i was wondering if i could take 2 pills, and if it would increase my hair growth!

thanks so much!!!

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    While symptoms of an overt biotin deficiency may include symptoms such as hair loss, etc, I doubt you'd gain much from taking biotin supplements.

    Biotin deficiency is very rare in humans, occurring usually only in certain uncommon situations, such as prolonged intravenous feeding or excessive consumption of raw egg white eg in smoothies (due to avidin -normally denatured in cooking- binding with the biotin).

    While there is no set RDI for biotin, the adequate intake level for adults is 30 mcgs per day. Of course consuming more than that would not be a problem, 10,000mcg is a bit excessive!! Not that I think it'd do any harm (Dosages used to treat hereditary disorders which result in biotin metabolism problems and hence deficiencies are about 200mg, ie 200000mcg). That said, hair growth may reach be able to reach its optimal growth rate by you consuming at least 30mcgs biotin a day, but I doubt you'd need pills to do that (biotin's in almost everything!), and you can't improve beyond what your body is capable of...

    My advice is that you save your money, and I definitely wouldn't bother taking 2 pills a day.

    Good luck anyway :)

    Source(s): Final year medical nutrition student
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