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Should Pacquiao get back on the peds to give his fans a performance they deserve?

Im sure Pacquiao fans are sick of his latest performances without the roids,it was extremely embarrassing to see him get the decision against Marquez when everyone knew Marquez won. Being given a victory like that is worse than having another loss on your record because everyone knows that you lost but you have to pretend you won!Anyway I think pac should get back on the peds for his fans sake and produce some more knockouts like back when he was roided up,its not like he's gonna get caught because they don't do random blood tests at Manny Pacquiao fights.


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    @Richard - LOL! And maybe you should be more productive and do what you do best, which is chomping on your dad's dick as a mid day snack.

    @Dicktard - I wouldn't know. You're too busy eating out the other Floyd trannies on a daily basis here.

    @Dictard - LOL! And you look like the typical Floyd fan who's in favor of gay rights. LOL!

    @Dictard - Riiightttt! Hey, at least Floyd is fighting for your rights to marry your father. Haha!

    @Dictard - LOL! We all know you have two dads as parents! Thank Floyd and Obama for finally standing up for yours and your "parents" rights. LOL!

    @Dictard - For a Filipino, you certainly have no clue as to what happens in the country. Contrary to your tranny opinion, Pacquiao doesn't run the country. He's not even a Senator, so his policy is not nearly as strong as you think it is. But then again, you wouldn't know this because you're a Floyd fan preoccupied with his nuts on your chin. LOL!

    @Dictard - LOL!! First you say you're Filipino then you say you are not. That just pretty much sums up what you and all your Flomo trannies are.....FULL OF $HIT, whether its in the mouth or up your A$$. LOL!

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    9 years ago

    Peds are bad for you,freddy wanted me to take them but i said no this time. My weener was getting smaller. i am putting my money on bradley ha ha

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    9 years ago

    Manny is having Roid rage right now he is juiced man. It won't matter he is getting knocked out by Tim Bradley. There wont be a Manny vs. Money fight sorry guys .

  • 9 years ago

    Pac wants to lose this fight since he wants to lure floyd from fighting him next fight...Because if pac will have another great performance, i dont think floyd will ever again mention the name of pac... The guy has pacquiao phobia...hahhahaha..

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