Dream about cheating boyfriend?

I had a dream my boyfriend and I went somewhere to play games. we were in two seperate groups of people. I was in a group with his roommate and while the group and i were strategizing his roommate was being kind of flirtatious and cuddly with me. I thought it was weird but I let him do it because my boyfriend is so open and he probably wouldn't think anything of it but if he did it would be a great opportunity to for him to see how desirable I am.

I looked over to see if my boyfriend was watching and he was and then he started flirting with some of the girls in his group. I expected that we were going to get the chance to talk about it afterwards.

The next thing I know I walk away and come back and my boyfriend has some girl with her legs spread wide open on his lap and he's rubbing her boobs. I was hurt. I go up to him and he says she didn't mean anything. I tell him this why i don't trust guys to make him feel guilty. There's whole big production and I walk away and hide somewhere. He thinks I leave the place and he starts boasting to his friends that he finally got rid of me. He was tired of dealing with my crazy self. I'm pissed so I come out of where I was hiding. How could he be so manipulative? I hit him and cuss him out he apologizes sincerely and then I leave crying.

I know I am a little insecure and my boyfriend is doing wonderfully with putting up with it. Also I do know he has a thing for pale red heads like Christina Hendricks especially since her boobs are huge.

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