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Is my soon to be ex husband showing interest?

Long story short, my husband and I are separated and we have filed for a dissolution. He left me for another woman that he has been having an emotional affair with over the phone for a yr. after I kicked him out their relationship turned physical. He kept lying to

Me saying they were only talking still. Well I read his phone and he was screwing her. I'm not proud that I did that, but I was a wreck. I basically lost it the first few weeks. Begged him, pleaded with him, threatened to make this woman lose her job. I've since picked myself up and realized that my husband as treated me like a dog for so long and I'm better off. I've been so stressed I've lost 18lbs. I workout a lot, I dress sexy, and I take good care of myself. Makeup on everyday. And now.... After my husband has said awful! Things to me and I finally pick myself up and start seeing other husband has been asking me what I'm doing. Yesterday he came to our house to get some things. He asked why the house was a mess. I told him because I got home to late to clean. He wanted to know where I was and with whom? What is his deal??

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    What's his deal? He's curious to find out, now that you lost 18 lbs and dolled yourself up, what the next guy is experiencing that he missed with you during your marriage with him.

    Which is probably why he was flirting with the other woman and now has sex with her.

    The bottom line is, and I'm not pointing fingers here; maybe, just maybe he's seeing something in you that he missed? Or maybe not.

    Look it takes to to mess up a marriage, not just one. He may have strayed but you seem the way you write, to be a little high strung, maybe a little too fastidious about certain things? Maybe.

    So the imperfections piled up and magnified for both of you. You manifested your means of dealing with it through stress, weight loss, dolling up and improving yourself. Meanwhile he was out with some strange not realizing what you look like now as opposed to before.

    Best thing to do is ask him what he thinks.

    In the meantime he's now imagining you with another man and thinking maybe he'd like a test drive you know, sex with the ex.

    Anyway, its a thought. Good luck and hope you find what you're looking for.

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    No idea what the rules of engagement are between the two adulterers.

  • Anonymous
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    He is jealous and controlling. It is none of his business if the house is messy he does not live there anymore. I would be careful letting him come over to get anything if he wants something leave it outside and he can pick it up. He is mad because you are starting to go out remember he started this train not you.

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    One rule for him another for you.

    Move on and find someone who respects you.

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago

    We all want what we cannot have.

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