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How can I stop feeling needy towards my boyfriend?

I have been with my boyfriend a few months now, and I am SO in love with him. Everything is mostly great, but there is something that kind of bothers me. See, when we first got together, he used to tell me how beautiful I was, how glad he was to be with me, etc. almost to the point that I thought he was kind of clingy. Well now that we've been together for a while and have gotten to know each other better, it's like the roles have flipped. He doesn't say those things as much, and in fact he barely talks about his feelings for me at all. He does tell me he loves me, and I can tell he means it, but for some reason I miss the constant showering of affection. Also, I think my sex drive is too high for him or something. I'm up for sex just about everytime we get together, and mostly he enjoys it, but the other day he made a comment that "all we ever do is lay around and f*ck" which isn't even true. We go to movies, went to a concert just last week, go on dates... yeah we have sex a lot, but I thought he enjoyed it. And about 20 minutes after that, HE initiated sex! So confusing! But, he was in a grumpy mood that day because he had a toothache and also had been sick with allergies. So, basically I just want to know what to do. In a way, I think I'm being clingy, because I can tell he really does care for me, but it's so hard to be satisfied because of all my insecurities and fears. Also, I tend to be oversensitive, analyze things to death, and pretty much am unable to take any criticism without wanting to cry. What can I do to stop feeling this way? I know that if I don't do something about my feelings, I could ruin this.

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