What was this show called on Nickeldeon?

Okay, it was around 2007, 2008. It was about a girl, her mother and her little bro. Her mom owned a little restaurant, and the family lived above it. The little girl, (I think her name was, Betty?) She had pigtails, wore glasses, and had a speech problem. ( like s's) She also had a little blue dog. She and her best friend, were in butterfly scouts, or something like that, and the leader was the popular girl's mom. The popular girl had a best friend that had short black hair. Betty, (If thats her name,) Was obsessed with getting patches for her sash. PLEASE HEP ME FIND THE NAME TO THIS OLD SHOW!!!!! Thanks ;)

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    The Mighty B

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    The show is called the Mighty B. It is co-created by Amy Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese for Nickelodeon.

    Betty Higgenbottom, who is 9 years old, does live her brother, Ben, and mother, Hilary, and stuff in San Fransisco, California, but she doesn't live in the restaurant, she lives in an apartment building that has the restaurant building in it also (the restaurant is named Hilary's Cafe coffee shop because Betty's Mom's name is Hilary.. Her dog's name is Happy, who used to be a stray dog and has a torn little ear.

    For some odd reason, Betty thinks that if she collects all of the Honey Bee Scout badges, she will become a superhero, the Mighty B. That is probably why she is so ambitious to collect all of the badges. The Honey Bee's main goal is to sell Taffy. Yes, she DOES talk a little bit weird, but that is as bad as her accent gets.

    She does have a best friend who is just a bit obese, and there is the popular girl who's mother runs the Honey Bee scouts, named Portia, who is always rejecting her. Her other friend is her finger after she drew a smiley face on it (because she is lonely and has no life)

    The show's humor type was off-color humor

    Source(s): wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_B
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    Is it Mighty B

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