Online colleges for accounting/finance?

I'm looking into doing college online since right now I stay at home to watch my little brother and sister and obviously I don't want to just try to find a job in a few years and by like yeah I just sat home. So I was thinking about doing college online while I watch the kids and more specifically getting a degree in accounting and finance. However my family isn't in the best financial situation so I can't pay for any of it out of pocket and I want to avoid a lot of student loans. So does anyone know of a relatively cheap good online college where I can get that degree? I'm not looking for the cheapest since obviously their probably going to be a bit sketchy and I can't afford one that's going to be way expensive. And also I know I should be able to get a pell grant and my dad supposably has gi bill money left from when he was in the military I should be able to use but is there any other kind grant I can look into?

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  • Prof
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    9 years ago

    Make sure the school is AACSB accredited. find schools with online programs in the Official MBA Guide, a free public service. If they have online MBA programs they may also offer the courses at the undergraduate level.

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  • xo379
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    9 years ago

    As the other poster said, stay away from the profit schools, like Kaplan, Strayer, American InterContinental, Phoenix, DeVry, Capella, Argosy, Liberty, Walden, and so on.

    Look at schools that also have physical campuses, in addition to providing online degrees.

    These include the following (and also offer Accounting/Finance/Business Administration, and aren't too expensive)--

    Empire State College

    SUNY Canton

    Florida International U

    U Massachusetts



    Penn State

    UNC Pembroke


  • Chris
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    9 years ago

    Your best bet is the community colleges in your state or your state university. Many public universities have online programs and they are cheaper and better respected than the for-profits. Ideally you should take one or two of your courses in a classroom environment so you feel more connected to college.

  • 9 years ago

    Check to see if the public colleges and community colleges in your home state offer online classes and degrees. If they do, go there! They'd be reputable, and also your least expensive option.

    I don't know of many reputable colleges that offer accounting degrees online. The best one that does is Northeastern University, but they won't be cheap. Southern New Hampshire U also offers this degree online, but they aren't as well ranked as Northeastern. They're cheaper, though.

    Avoid the for-profit, "as seen on tv" schools, as employers do not respect them.

    In addition, check into the part-time degree programs at the reputable colleges near you. I don't know your schedule, but some colleges offer classes on weekends or at night, which perhaps could work around your current job of taking care of the kids.

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