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Do I have Bed bugs or fleas?

I live in a mobile house with 2 dogs and a cat i dont know if the cat has fleas cause i haven't seen any on her but the dogs deff do i spray them with flea guard sometimes but that only helps for a couple days my bed is next to the window and until a couple days ago there were ants i dont see any bugs around my bed or in my room i only get the bites at nite and sometimes i feel bugs crawling on me but i don't see any this has been happening for about 2 Weeks now the bites are all over my torso and, legs not so much my arms they.look n feel like mosquito bites i tried spraying my bed with raid to kill what may be on there the cat sometimes sleeps on my bed. please helppp

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    it somewhat is probable a flea. mattress bugs do no longer pop out whilst there is circulation happening. they only pop out at evening once you sleep and that they inject a numbing agent into your epidermis so which you will no longer sense the bite. additionally they % to cover in darkish secluded aspects. examine your canines for fleas. whether it somewhat is fleas that are biting then you definately your canines could have the comparable bugs on his epidermis. supply your canines a flea tub and vacuum your room and mattress. If fleas are on your carpet you will would desire to get some flea powder made for carpet to kill them.

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    It sounds like you have a whole host of problems.

    For starters, make sure your windows are actually sealed, as this is what will allow bugs to come in. Stop spraying your bed with Raid - that will likely just make you sick - but if you want to hire an exterminator and explain your problems, do so.

    Get your pets into a vet for a flea dip and then buy them some Frontline Plus to be applied monthly. It will work much better than the terrible flea guard and is worth the extra cost.

    If you have bed bugs, you will also want to buy a new mattress.

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    To find which one you have i would go to the doctor for fleas and also get you bed checked out. This way you can find out what you need to do to make it better.

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    100%. What you have is fleas..they multiply like can spray your animals..wash them, Whatever, but there comes a certain point where there are so many around, fumigation entire area is needed...

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