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This situation is not letting me revise,help!?

My boyfriend of 3 months ( we were friends for 6 months before) Broke up with me,saying he really cares for me,but that there is no spark between us and that he feels he has not been treating me right.Also,that my feelings for him were much stronger than his for me.We are very similar:Love sports,overachievers,etc.We also have lots to talk about and laugh.I don't understand why all of a sudden he said this.We have the same group of friends and decided that we will still be friends,but the whole situation is extremely depressing for me.Should I try get him back?Is that even possible?I think that if I tell him I want him back,that will just push him away...We are at university,both 20 years old.And there is no other girl that he might have in mind.I want to tell him I want to get back together,that there defiantly was a spark....but he said how his feeling never managed to there a point?

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    tell should. if he cares for you truly, then there could be that chance that he would want to try again and see if there truely is something...

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    If there's not someone else, then there is something about you that annoyed the heck out of him. Regardless, you should take up something else for now. My friend Dr. X (I cannot reveal his name) would recommend mathematics or perhaps horseback riding. I should think long walks on the beach, alone, talking to the sea, might help--that, and an understanding that sometimes what you thought you said, defiantly, is not what you mean, definitely.

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    hmm, whether he says it or not, i think there is someone else, no guy really wants to break off from a comfortable relationship then

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