I want my own Animated TV show?

As long as I remember, I always wanted my own animated tv show. I always imagined that it would be a big hit (i'm a dreamer, i know ^^;) and I want to know what majors i should take at college. I don't know what you call the creator of the show. Is it a producer, director, animator? I don't really know. I really want to be an animator as well (probably work for disney) because i believe that that will help me with my goal. i know that animators don't get a lot of money but at least it's money! I also want my show to air on either Disney Channel or Disney XD i'm not so sure. I have a basic idea of what the show is about and thought of a few of the characters (i sketched a few) and how they act and see the world (i even wrote it down on Word). I also thought of a few episodes and when I'm older i think i'll try to present the idea to executors. Any suggestions?

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    Hello! I also want to have my own animated tv show (an anime actually). The problem is that with Disney, they really don't have much cartoon shows, and if they do, then you better have lots of episodes done and stuff, it is complicated for Disney. And if you want to do a movie, it has to be worth it, cause if your tv show doesn't come out well, they replace it. I have seen many shows being placed and removed. I want to make my own anime which is easier. Of course there is some work to it, since anime shows are produced mainly in Japan, but there are studios where you get to make your own anime, not a big company who decides this and that, and not really making the movie the way you want. I would recommend you to look into what you'll do, cause Disney is major stuff, and if you make a tv show or a movie, not most of the ideas will come from you. I would recommend you look into anime, since it is pretty simple. But if you want something not so foreign, then look at dream works, Pixar, or stuff like that. Another problem with Disney is that many people look at it as if were a kids channel, they don't think of it as wide range. If you have seen the simpsons, you'll see it is for mostly any age, and that is good. You also don't necesarily need to look into a huge animation company, but you can look into channels like Fox, and stuff like that. So my recommendation is not to go to Disney, cause many people hate on it now. And if you still think of having a major in animation, I recommend SCAD, cause there if you graduate or something, they help you search for a job. I've seen that they offer job searching in Dream Works, you should check the site out.

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    If you may have obtained the proficiency, you'll do something you wish. The trap is, making the connections crucial. Unless you may have obtained huge time connections I do not feel it is useful to anticipate to get your exhibit on TV immediately. Use the advantage and science you have already got to be had to you and pass forward and create the product. Maybe a couple of webisodes or podcasts. It's quite low-cost and if you'll broaden a fan-base it would possibly not topic how historic you're. Once the excitement will get going and also you begin networking somewhat you'll be able to finally meet the proper persons in case your product is well. BTW - Avatar dominated!

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    Create Animations Like Pixar : http://3danimationcartoons.com/?IkVg

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    it dosen't hurt to want

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