When is Love Not enough?

I'm engaged to be married in Aug .. We are both in our Early 40's. I know he loves me & he treats me good..But he shows little affection .. I know we are in our 40's not 20's is this normal?

He tells me all the time he loves me..& needless to say there's very little sex too.. maybe 1 a wk if I'm lucky.. He does take paxil .. & I have read up on the side effects some it is .. that's you show very little emotion's.. I really love this man a lot.. I'm just scared.. I take of my self.. & try to look good for him..Any body else ever have this problem b4? I have tryed all kind of stuff flirting, special dinner candle lites, etc..

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  • Chris
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    9 years ago
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    Why get married in your 40"s anyway? Just stay engaged. Make home porn together, that always keeps a relationship hot.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A lot of what you describe may be due to his taking Paxil. Paxil removes passion in so many ways. My wife took 10 mg a day for years and finally got off it. it's a horrible drug! Her experiences were so bad that she wrote a book about it to help others avoid going through the same thing - http://www.amazon.com/Paxil-My-Anti-Depressant-Nig...

    You may want to explore him getting off Paxil to see his real personality. Both my wife and I are so glad she quit. Best of luck!

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