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Does he still love me?

My boyfriend and I had been dating for three months then he broke up with me just out of the blue, after his University meeting about his work placement for university. He said that he wouldn't be able to handle a relationship and so felt the need to set me free. He cried infront of me about how he didn't want to leave and how he still loved me and that he didn't want to break up but had to. He had to call his friend in tears asking to change his facebook relationship and also blocking me. He's since spoken to his friends and one of his friends girlfriends told me that it's really hard on him and that he misses me. But I said that he could come back anytime. I promised him I would work really hard these 5 months to get my licence, get a car. I'm now on anty depressants fir anxiaty wich I'm learning to.control. I'm getting everything in my life in order so I can go ask him to take me back and try again. But...does it sound like he truly loves me I mean my heart says yes because he cried and it takes a lot fkr a man to cry.

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    If things are meant to be they'll happen, if he comes back he will, don't hang on him, let him do what he needs to do. Give him his space, let him do what he thinks best for him. Sometimes to show that you love someone you gotta let them do their thing...And I think thats the hardest part about love, you have to be separate, you're both different people...

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