Why did my friend randomly get quiet?

Today I was having a really insecure day. My hair looked terrible, my overbite/braces seemed to look uglier, my skin looked dull... I have body dysmorphic disorder so when I feel likethisI'm even MORE extremely uncomfortable around people.

Anyways my friend was talking to me really cheery, smiley and happy. She kept turning around just to talk to me. I was trying to smile and act normal but I felt so nervous because I know I look so ugly today...and I don't want anyone looking at me...I just wanted to hide today...So I was acting kinda distant and awkward and fakelaughing... Then she just stopped talking and she was picking and playing with her nails for the last 5 minutes of class...

What happened? Should I explain why I was acting so weird or would that just make me seem weak and insecure... And earlier that day I was talking normal and happy with my other friend...do you think she thinks I don't like her because with her I was all distant but with my other friend normal?


This happened yesterday

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    She Felt the distant Vibe between you two..

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