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What do you think a person being bullied goes through?

I'm doing a sociology project and I need some answers to my question. The topic is the phsychological effect of bullying.

So what do you think the victim of bullying goes through?

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    alienation, feeling inferior, depression, rejection, confusion, questioning self-worth, humility, sadness, sorrow, despair, hated and unloved, ugly, outcast, misunderstood.

    They start to think why were they born, for the purpose of being tormented by others.

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    I can tell you from first hand experience both sides of the issue.

    I was a bully in second grade because i was scared. I felt like an outcast so i needed to make someone else feel the same way so i did not feel different. a few years later and after growing up a bit i realized what i had done was wrong and apologized to those i bullied for my actions.

    now as far as being bullied here is what i have to say about one experience in particular hope this helps in your paper:

    I was also bullied during middle school and high school primarily because i was the tallest person out of all the students and later faculty and staff in the school. I was on the basketball team and 3 of the captains and about 4 other players bullied me. i went through the proper channels from teachers ( even told one parent of a player who taught at my high school) got nothing, then the counselors and coaches, still nothing, the police department employed student resource officer STILL NOTHING, the assistant principals ( one of whom is still my neighbor, he actually tried to help) AND YET STILL NOTHING was done, to the top principal there.

    I told her exactly what those working under her and the SRO (student resource officer) did and that if push came to shove i was not going to be held responsible for my actions.

    Well one day out on the practice court head coach of the program ( the coach who bullied me), the captains and these other players pushed me too far. wound up decking one captain and it quieted down a little but picked up again in the locker room. I shoved one player in his locker ( he was about twice as strong as me at the time) and threw the same captain i decked earlier into a metal trash can and hit it with a metal stool.

    I got my stuff and walked out of there, ran into the coach, and a few choice words later told him the consequences if he did not get his team under control.

    the VERY next day and form then on none of them messed with me. SRO asked me what happened and i told him. I also told him that he had no legal grounds to arrest me because i did come to him first about the problem and he never bothered me again. Even got kudos from a few football players.

    The whole experience left me feeling alienated, alone, without self confidence, physically and emotionally scarred ( something i still struggle with today but use as a teaching tool to help others when i can), afraid of people in general, and very very bitter to the point where even years later and miles away i ran into that same coach in a dairy queen, with my college roommate and immediately left before we looked at the menu. I told him why i never wanted to even see to that coach again and we went back later.

    hope that helps you with your paper

    Source(s): bullies often forget the damage they have done but the victims do not. as illustrated by my story above the effects are long lasting and hard to shake off.
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    I feel like a victim of bullying goes through a lot of self-worth issues. he/she might feel like he/she is worthless because of the way he/she is being treated. Issues with trust or friendship may come into play also because most of the time, nobody has his or her back. This person would no doubt be anxious or paranoid because there is no safe place. Especially if school is supposed to be a safe place to be, and in return is not.

    BTW this is Asia . (: <3

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    a couple of beatings

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    A hard time.

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