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What happens when a acid or base substance comes into contact with skin?

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    It will depend on the type of acid or base and what form it is in.

    There are many different forms of acid and bases, some (such as citric acid) are relatively benign others (such as HF) can be quite dangerous.

    Another thing that you have to take into account is the concentration. Remember the only difference between something that is benign or beneficial vs something that is poisonous is dosage.

    The other thing that you have to consider is the other parts of the acid. Take for instance the compound Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN). The acid will burn like crazy, but the real danger is from the CN group which binds the iron in our bodies stopping oxygen being transported from the lungs.

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    Dependant on concentration. Low no longer something on unbroken epidermis, hurts like hell in cuts, grazes and gentle factors. extreme prompt commencing up of tissue dessication, etc. How ever at low concentrations splashed on the floor, no longer something seems to take place, the dilute acid is at modern absorbed into perfect layer of lifeless cells that signify the outer maximum layer of epidermis. the character, molecular mass of the acid is such that over a shortish quantity of time the water interior the unique evaporates out of those cells top-rated to a extra focused acid, for this reason epidermis inflammation & burns, so care is choose whilst dealing with that, or the different, even fairly innocuous chemical compounds.

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    With very weak acids or bases e.g lemon juice or baking soda etc you probably wont even feel anything.

    If it becomes a little strong e.g dilute HCl It may cause irritation and rashes.

    If it is strong e.g conc. HCl or Conc. H2SO4 etc it is extremely corrosive and will cause chemical burns

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    it depends on the concentration of acid or base.strong acid or base damages badly to skin and may damage the inner layer and cells which finally may cause death.

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    Depending on concentration it will work . High concentration more burning and dehydration .

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    It depends on the ph level. Most substances fall on one side or the other - very few are neutral - and most things won't cause a skin reaction. But if you go to the outside extremes, you'll end up with chemical burns.

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