What is the best air freshener to use for my house?

Before yesterday, my house smelled pretty good, but starting yesterday, I have no idea why but I would randomly get hit by a wave of very bad odors, and since I don't know what's causing it, I figured I'd turn to the helpful Yahoo Answers community, so does anyone have any air freshener suggestions?

I tried having my windows open but that didn't really help very much, and once i closed them due to a storm and i was planning on going to sleep the odor was back

sometimes it'll smell like rotten eggs but it usually smells worse than that.


i don't have a coffee maker or any coffee, if i did, it'd be odd since i don't drink the stuff

Update 2:

i checked the fridge numerous times and i've searched the house, although, i don't know what could have gotten in because i don't have any pets or anything

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  • 9 years ago
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    -coffee: this is always good to rid some smell. take used coffee and (a little moisture left is fine) set it out in the open. It absorbs bad odors.

    -febreeze is good too but I personally feel like sprays simply coat over the smell than rid of it

    -air-wick could be a possible suggestion but like I said these usually overpower the smell instead of getting rid of it

    good luck!

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    4 years ago

    Best Room Freshener In India

  • Could it be dead mice or a rat under the floorboards ,these creatures can come in if doors are left open with lights on , they are never only 10 ft from a house especially in the country side and with people being careless about their rubbish the city may not be far behind .Air freshners are of no use you have to find the source . Are you tòwn or country is it a farmer spreading muck that comes in the windows but if you are a country person you would know what that is . Any dampness in the house ? you have to find the source and we would like to know when you do . good luck

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    depends on what your goal is

    and how much money you want to invest initially

    if you only want to spend 5 bucks, stop by the walmart/target/etc section and pick up whatever smell you like best from glade or one of those

    those will only mask the smell however

    one great spray product i use that not just covers up the smell, but actually neutralizes it is a product called ozium, ozium is one brand, theres another but i forget its name off the top of my head, the two are equal in quality in my opinion and almost the same in price, they can be found on ebay or in gardening stores or hydroponic stores

    if you have the money to invest, the best air freshener is a quality air ionizer

    thats my ultimate preference, if you cant afford that high initial cost of an ionizer, my 2nd pick would be ozium or its competitor

    one last option is odoban, its sold at home depot or lowes in roughly a gallon size container, you fill up some small containers and place around the house or wherever you want it to work, it works, its fairly good until it evaporates in a day or so , but i just dont know if its a masker like the glade products, a neutralizer like ozium or ionizers, nor do i know if odoban is safe around pets as bowls of that stuff lying around sounds super risky if a dog or cat were to taste it

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    7 years ago

    Try the Scent Blaster machine. It works better than plug ins or sprays. Very sage to use and covers about 1000 square feet. There are some beautiful scents such as lavender, vanilla cream etc.

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    5 years ago

    Are attempting Fa breeze, it smells real quality. They have got one of a kind scents and the scent final long. I routinely like to put candles on for the duration of the cold season and that makes the residence scent quality additionally. Are attempting Apple Cinnamon, or simply Cinnamon.

  • 9 years ago

    Something is probably rotting somewhere around the house. Could be a piece of meat that's fallen behind something. Rotten eggs smell could be sulphur, so it may be something else.

    You said it rained, don't know where you live but it could be a mushroom or fungus, or some other moisture- or climate-related phenomenon.

    Try to isolate where it's coming from. Is it stronger in one room? Is it stronger nearer the ceiling or the floor?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's probably something in your fridge, or something dying is laying around in the corners of your house. Look around, take out the garbage.

  • 9 years ago

    Have you cleaned the garbage can? have you checked for any dead thing lying around?

  • 9 years ago

    Use #Glade.

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