Can a landlord tell you how many showers you can take!?

Landlord called saying water bill was a little higher than normal and wanted to see if I noticed anything leaking in bathroom or sinks. I said no not at all. He said he wondered why it was higher all of a sudden. All I said was well now that its summer and the ac does not work well I normally take 2 showers. He said I should only take 1 shower. I said its been so unseasonably hot here this season that 2 is making me confortable. he didnt say anyting much more and ended call.

All my utilities except electric are included in my rent. My lease does not say anything about utility usage, and I dont think 2 showers when it's been in the upper 90s here is excessive. I work out, I want to shower, I go to work I want to shower, etc. And these are 5-10 min showers, I am not even washing my hair twice a day it would be dry as straw.


I shouldnt have even bothered ot give him that info, its none of his business. I just didnt want him to think that someone else had moved in and was living there or something. I should have just said no to the leaks and left it at that!

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  • Milton
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    9 years ago
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    The only exception is if the lease says that there is a limit. Otherwise, you can shower all day and if he doesn't like it, he shouldn't pay for the electricity! He cannot tell you anything that isn't in the lease. What you and he agreed to on paper is what he is obligated to give and you are entitled to receive.

    The only exception goes the other way: If you take a shower once a year whether you need one or not, he can nail you for violation of health laws because the place would stink so bad, people would think there is a corpse in there!

  • 9 years ago

    You need to control the length of your showers. You do NOT need to take a ten minute shower. What will happen if your water usage continues at a higher than normal level ? When your lease is up for renewal, expect your monthly rent to go up considerably to cover your increased usage Landlords need to cover costs. If you increase costs to your landlord, then expect rents to be adjusted to cover such increased costs.

  • 9 years ago

    Christopher Jacob is right. Technically he can't say anything, but you'll be risking your residence if you don't listen. They can find any reason to kick you out. The court doesn't care if he files for eviction and you say he has no good reason, they tend to favor the landlords and they only give you a couple seconds to respond to his eviction, if you can't come up with a legally valid reason to fight it, they'll just allow him to kick you out. It's unfortunate but if you're not paying the water, you're going to have to make a small sacrifice to keep you place.

    Source(s): Experience with a few bad landlords and two years as a leasing agent.
  • If the water bill is paid by you and is covered in the rent agreement of the house, then the landlord does not have the right to tell you how many showers you can take. However, if the water bill is not covered in your rent agreement and is paid only and directly by the landlord, then he has the right to be concerned for the sudden rate of increase in the water bill. This still does not give the right to the landlord to harass you just because he owns the house.

    It is up to an individual how many showers one wants to take in a day. Some people need more and some people don't. No one can tell others how much and how much not a people can take a shower. See 'think' why the water bill is increasing and if you cant come with an answer then tell the landlord that you just don't know the reason and logically reason with your landlord that it is not you fault.

    However if the landlord is arrogant and stuck in his *** - move to a new house with a new landlord. In this world, there is no shortage of either houses or landlords who want to rent their houses.

    Source(s): Just thinking!
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  • 9 years ago

    If it's not in contract than no, and I doubt it would be.

    You can take as many showers as you want.

    Tell him to fix the AC if it does not work well.

  • Mark
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    9 years ago

    If he fixes the ac you will take fewer showers. He should have the ac cleaned and working anyway.

  • 9 years ago

    If its not in your contract

    (which it would be ridiculous if it was)

    Then NO, he cannot tell you to only take 1 shower!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Not in the tenancy, not your problem.

  • 4 years ago

    i might enable them to understand. yet, say it in a manner that makes it seem as in case you're only telling them approximately their propery ("whats up - FYI, the chilly water isn't working on your bathe. undecided if that should reason injury, yet i presumed you will possibly prefer to understand."), extremely than it being something that would income you.

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