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Have you ever experienced some sort of craving to read and reread a particular book over and over again?

Not just the I-couldn't-put-this-book-down kind of feeling, like, I'm talking more about the I-need-to-read-this-again-right-now, this kind of... near-obsessive wanting to keep on (re-)reading a particular book whenever you're not, even when you just finished reading it a short while ago, and it's kind of like this sinister function or meta-extension of the book itself i.e. it's really screwing with you, making you (over-)think about, well, not just about the book itself but also about how you entertain yourself...

Hope I'm making sense. I finished reading Infinite Jest a few days ago, and I feel this need to read that it again...


*read it again...

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    Yes, I am the exact same way. Even when I was a kid, I reread The Chronicles of Narnia series along with all my favorite books. Now that I'm an adult and don't have as much time, I still love rereading books but I can't do it as much anymore. But it's like meeting an old friend when I re-read a book I love but haven't touched for a couple years. One of the best things in life!

    P.S. I'm just about to start reading Infinite Jest!

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    Sometimes. After I read a book, I want to re-read it again. Mainly because the first time I didn't know what was going to happen, and then the second time because I want to read further into the words. If that even makes sense.

    I think re-reading books again, always makes your eyes catch something that they missed the first time around.

    Plus, some books are so great that they just can't be read only one time.

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    I know the feeling, believe it or not I have that same feeling with Twilight. I've read the first book alone 51 times in under a year. I don't know the reason why, the writing isn't extraordinary but I just feel a need to read it over and over again.

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    yes lol Wicked Lovely by melissa marr.

    Why would i want to read this book over and over? I dont know. Its not my favorite book or anything but randomly i will wanna read it for no reason.

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  • YES! I've always been a voracious reader, and have re-read many books when I was younger...I've found that I've gotten more jaded over the years...it's rare for me to find something that causes a response such as you described. But when it does, I embrace it and re-read it as many times as I need to. I think you are complicating the issue---give yourself a break and re-read it.

    There's nothing wrong with the way you entertain yourself...it sure beats watching "Jersey Shore."

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    Yeah I had that with The Hobbit and with Just Listen!

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    Lots of people read a chapter of Proverbs every day. There are 31 chapters so they can keep their place by just looking at a calendar, and they read the entire book every month. Some of those people don't even believe anything. They keep rereading it because they like what it does for their life.

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    I've read the Last Dragon Chronicles series a million times and I actually just started reading it again. It's by Chris d'Lacey and he is one of my favorite authors. I feel the same way you do about reading this series.

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    Yes." Double Star" and "Starship Troopers" and "Number of the Beast" by Robert A Heinlein.

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    I know the feeling, if you read House of Leaves you'll understand why. The book is just so confuzing that i feel that i need to read it again to see if i actually understand it.

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