What do I do how do I get him to trust me ?

Ok so my BF & I have been having trust issues. My boyfriend constantly gives me problems for no reason. He's overly jealous , overly possessive and does not trust me at all . He told me that he does not trust me because I seem like an hiding something but that's just how I always am as far as everyone tells me I always seem mysterious but that's just who I am can't help it and he goes ahead and tells me he's very insecure and has self esteem issues and since he's been Hurt before he's not trusting me at all !!! I mean I haven't done absolutely anything to trigger that . How do I get him to trust me !? What should I do any advice ? Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have to do that on your own. My ex had trust issues after we got back together. I had to earn his trust back. Which took overnight, all we even did was lay there and talk for hours about nothing in particular. It all depends on the person and how they see trust is earned.

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    4 years ago

    I do not fairly agree..... Building down believe is an excessively predominant quandary for me. Because as soon as believe has been shattered, the connection is ended too. So, earlier than I permit this believe being destroyed, I evaluate cautiously all parameters, all occasions, all probabilities. I don't finish relationships simply in seconds. I deliver credit score, I take my time. Not an excessive amount of besides!!! But, I check out... And while eventually I finish that there's no desire, that the man or woman isn't riskless, I stroll out the connection with out a guilt in any respect, no tough emotions. Because I recognize I have given the entire probabilities feasible and so they proved unsuitable....

  • 9 years ago

    Get him to know you better

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