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my parents dont trust on me...what should i do?

my parents dont trust me ..

m not allowed to talk with boys

m not allowed to go in park near just my house

my parents specially my mom always trust the damn neighbur...and not me...

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    i assume, you want to say neighbour... I didn't understand few things, what the hell we boys have done that you aren't allowed to talk with any one of them.... I didn't get about park thing as well... why don't you police case against those **** funk bloody neighbour??? filling other's ears with bad thing about someone, in your case its you, is a short of mental disturbing... its a crime I guess... try to speak with your parents clearly that you are not going take these restrictions any more

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    Well you could always try to be the one that obeys everything they say and build their trust up. Never do anything that makes them doubt you. As far as the thing about talking to boys goes , you should build their trust up and casually start a conversation about a boy (eg. brother, cousin or family friend)

    and they will trust you:) Hope this helps....

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