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How do you deal with your parents after returning from running away?

Im planning on going away for the weekend because i know my parents will say no.. what do you do to make them less angry with you and what type of things do you write on the note? when i do return how do i stop them being so angry?

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    You are incredibly immature if you really think that "running away" for a weekend is actually running away. You just want to go someplace without permission, that's all.

    No note is going to help you. You are purposely defying your parents and acting like a brat. How dare you just take off and make them worry for the weekend. How dare you do that to your parents.

    If you were my kid, the locks would be changed and your new room would be in the garage, with a portable commode.

    Great, another teenager with entitlement issues.

    You do not deal with your parents, they deal with you!!!

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    9 years ago

    That's not running away.

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