how would you get a 14 year old girls mother to treat her right?

Yesterday i was inviting people to a pizza party to celebrate the end of the school year. when i got to this girl, shes my best friend. she said she got grounded because she told her mom she wasn't treating her fairly. that might not sound bad but, we were at six flags a couple of weeks ago and her mom was there, her mom basically made her cry for half the time. whenever her mom is mad, she takes it out on her. and now its affecting her self-esteem. after she told me she was grounded for that i started to ask why she hadn't stood up to her, or slapped her head off. she just said "whatever, forget about it, i'm just a big wuss who cant take it." that's what pissed me off, up until now she hadn't been bothered by her mom, only a little bit. now shes beating herself up for her moms mistakes. i dont want to call child services, i want her to work this out with her mom. so dont tell me to call child services. and my friend refuses to just talk to her mom. summers coming up in two days and i dont want my friends life at home to be hell. cause really, you shouldnt treat any human like that, especially your kid. its not right. she has no reason to treat her daughter like that. last night i got into a fight with her because she was taking all that crap from her mom. so how do i get her mom to treat her better, without child services? i dont care if the answer is run away and see how her mom reacts. i dont care if its beat the crap outta her mom. just something that works without child services.

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    9 years ago
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    Convince your parents to speak to this 14 year old girl mother your talking about

  • 4 years ago

    they could be convicted precisely a similar, with a similar issues considered as an grownup eg history of abuse, or any psychological problems. the only section the place they could be dealt with otherwise is the place they do their time ie a baby could be incarcerated in a juvenile facility, and so a ways as i understand, it is what occurs interior the U. S.. whilst i replaced into 14, i might have totally understood the end results of thrashing somebody to dying with a hammer, as might maximum 14 three hundred and sixty 5 days olds. many times, childrens have lots, lots extra straightforward, much less stressful lives than adults so i'm getting somewhat unwell of persons making excuses for them whilst they brutalise different persons. while you are going to kill your mom with a hammer, do it once you're 6 and use one in each and every of your plastic ones. they're extra straightforward to scrub the DNA data from.

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