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My boyfriends mom decided to hire his ex-girlfriend to work with her? is that werid i dnt like the idea.?

they have a child together. He asked me first about it if its okay, and I said I don't like I think its weird but its not my company. But his mom did anyways. I feel like they both didn't respect me at all. Last week baby's mom invited the my bf's whole family to the daughter birthday party. I didn't want to go because we celebrated her birthday earlier in the week when it was our weekend to have her. I feel disrespected.

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    It's not weird at all that you don't like the idea of his ex girlfriend working with your boyfriend's mother especially since they have a daughter but you should just trust your boyfriend because if he really loves you then it will all fall in place. :)

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    9 years ago

    spend more time with your BF maybe the ex might make a move on him ....

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