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Am I depressed??????????????

I'm 15 and I know that a lot of other teenagers think they are depressed and self-harm when they actually aren't, because teenagers are often melodramatic I guess. I have started self harming for about 15 weeks and I often have thoughts about killing myself and I think of fantasies in my head on how I would do it and how people would actually care about me. Because I don't really like people that much now. I am always stressed about school and my parents don't make it any easier. Ocassionaly, I feel mildly happy for a few moments but then when I'm alone I will feel **** and fall into sadness I guess. What I'm saying is I'm not sure if I'm depressed or not? I don't want to see a counsellor. My friend thinks I am because I self-harm but I'm not sure. I'm not looking for attention or anything, I try and hide this sort of stuff.

Please no mean comment

also, I hate myself because I can get really agressive towards my mum because I take my stress out on her and it makes me want to kill myself.

i dont really like my friends

i hate my looks most of the time


also my grades have been bad even though ive tried ive got less than 50 percent in most things

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    If you want wonders or miracles to happen in life, please do honest, sincere and earnest prayers with ardent devotion. Prayer does lot of wonders in life like a miracle. It may change the course of events.

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    Ur being silly.. Go talk to someone about cymbalta. It's an antidepressant sweetie u need it.

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    It's hard to say. I think that at one point everyone wants to kill themselves. But does it really matter whether you actually are depressed or not? I think most of all what you need is to feel better and I'm not sure that having the actual label of being depressed would make you feel any better. Try a therapist. You say you don't want want a counselor but if you get worse you could possibly end up in a residential treatment place like my sister....yeah not fun at all. You need to find out what is best for you and what will help you the most.

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    dont thing more about unless

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