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is it normal if i have these types of conversations with my guy friend..?

We are only friends, but then again, we have been having these conversations:

Me: so i gotta go to bed

Him: uh no please.. im gonna be missing you.

Me: haha go to bed too, its late

Him: im not sleepy but ye ill probs go since youre not gonna be here

Me: aw :p

Him: sleep well, hunn!! :)

Me: youtoo

Him: i hope we meet in our dreams, ill be dreaming of you as always!

Me: loool okaaay

Him: you too please?

Me: uhm sure!

Him:: okay then so let's meet there.

Me: sure :p

Him: looking forward to seeing you.

Me: yea, see you in a few minutes!! [as in, in the dream]

Him: perfect ;) bye dearr, kiisses

Me: muaa x

Do you all have these types of conversations with guys who are not your boyfriends or anything like that?

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    To an extent, but not the kisses and meet you in your dreams. To put it bluntly, he likes you. It's virtually impossible to deny it.

  • 9 years ago

    He wants more than a friendship with you.

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